New beginnings with old pieces…

“I should start a blog! And this time I’ll actually keep writing…” – infamous first thoughts of every failed blog writer

I’ve experienced a few such failed blog attempts in my life, with each dying out as quickly as that candle that smells amazing but the darn wick is bent! You see I’m an “ideas” kind of gal. For those of you nerds like me who are obsessed with Myers-Briggs, I’m a proud and unmistakable ENTP, with a particularly strong helping of the N and P. Now for those of you who are about to go Google what that even means, I’m simply saying that my head is filled with a plethora of diverse ideas and possibilities, and I like to live in there analyzing the “how”s and “why”s of it all…

Dang it, I can feel my brain beginning to steer off topic…wait, what was I saying? Oh right, fizzling blog ideas.

The short and skinny of what I’m trying to say is, regardless of how ingenious each idea may have been behind starting a blog, none of them actually mattered to me. You see, passionate ideas are only as strong as one’s devotion to them, and while I can hand out passion in droves, I invest my devotion much more frugally. So whenever you hear me say, “I’m over it” (which happens a lot), that simply means the cost of giving life to the idea is higher than I’m willing to continue paying.

So what makes this time so different from my high school emo-blog where I ranted exposed deeply important truths about stupid boys and unfair parents, or the time I decided to become famous by entertaining readers with my playfully snarky take on the mundane, or my brief foray into sharing my vast wisdom on life, beauty/fashion, and DIY projects for the home? Well, honestly, this time may not be different. Let’s face it, this could be my only post. But I really hope not.

Because this time I want to take my emo-rants and add a dash of maturity, throw in the occasional life and fashion tip for lazy-girls like me, wrap it all up with some snark and sincerity, and present (to anyone willing to read) an honest look into the day-to-day, messy, beauty of being a women with Adult ADD who is running – and tripping, and falling – after her dreams.

So stay tuned, because apparently I’m not over it yet 🎬


Random confession of the day: All I’ve had to eat was an entire bag of steamed green beans. And yes, as a matter of fact, I am pretty hangry.



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